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S-HOINT Is a one stop shop aqua culture company, providing a range of farming and consulting services. With a technology that has been tried and tested repeatedly, this twenty four hours power monitored hatchery is one of its kind in the sub region and has the capacity to produce Tilapia fingerlings of the highest quality for fish farmers in and around the country.

We are here to bridge the fish deficit gap, maximize the prospects of the aqua culture business to ensure that our farmers benefits from the trade whilst we establish economic stability within the region and the country as whole. Our quest here is to produce high quality fish to meet the shortfall in the country's need for domestic consumption as well as for export.

With our global population of 7 billion people, growing by nearly 80 million per year, it’s obvious we cannot escape the limits of nature. To live within Earth’sconservation boundaries requires rethinking meat and fish production practices to respect ecology. Most importantly, it means sarcastically reduce demand by slowing population growth. And for those of us already living high on the food chain, eating less meat, milk, eggs, and fish is the option left.

With the full implementation of the S-HOINTVaried AquaticSystem., Fingerlings production will be reliably available in large quantity, all year-round and at a cost between 2% and 7% of the finished fish price. This supply of affordable high quality fingerlings will change the dynamics of fish farming dramatically;improve economic stability, whilst closing the gap of the fish deficit in Ghana currently.

Over 175,000 youth join the labour force annually in Ghana. This represents 70% of the youth population. Out of these figures only about 500,000 are employed by the formal sector, whilst the rest survive in the informal sector or remain unemployed. Unemployment amongst youth in Ghana is on the increase and this affects every developing nation as the youth consist of the greater number of citizenry. Our vision is to implore innovative strategies to make aqua culture business appealing and lucrative for every young entrepreneur or farmer to realize the full potential of the aqua culture business.


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